We at Front Porch Pickings think that local produce is the best produce! Here’s our top five reasons why we love Local!

To connect local farmers and food artisans to you and your family.
To provide you with with the freshest, highest quality produce.
To provide fair compensation to our farmers and artisans.

Locally Focused

All our produce comes from small local farms. Your Front Porch Pickings farm box supports over 75 local farmers and artisans across the state – so your investment stays in your own community.

Socially Responsible

100% of our leftover foods are donated directly to organizations that feed disadvantaged individuals and families in our own community, and our reuseable boxes are made of recycled material and 100% biodegradeable.

Woman Owned

We are 100% woman-owned! Front Porch Pickings President & Owner, Amie Keslar, and co-owner Becky Pittard are the driving force behind the company. Amie holds the highest position at the company and is active in every aspect of the business including the daily operations and the strategic direction of the company.

Humane Livestock Practices

Grass-fed, pasture-raised, and antibiotic-free is healthier for animals and for us. We work only with farms we trust – who are dedicated to providing high quality feed and humane treatment.

Sustainably Sourced

We help sustain local farms by sourcing only seasonal produce from Florida. We are committed to providing only Non-GMO local produce, meats, dairy, and eggs.

Service Matters

We understand that exceptional service is important, and we strive to go above and beyond. We believe that listening to our customers gives us the opportunity to learn and grow.

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