What People are Saying!

Word of Mouth 

We have built our business entirely on word-of-mouth referrals. We are deeply grateful for the ongoing recommendations we receive from our customers every day!

Val, Daytona Beach "I love the idea of fresh produce delivered to my front door. When I go to the grocery store I get very disappointed in the quality of produce and the cost! When I found out about Front Porch Pickings I signed up without hesitation. Not only does it get delivered, but the produce is always fresh and mostly organic. My husband and I enjoy getting food that we've never cooked with before which encourages us to cook more and eat better. It's a great way to stay healthy year round.”


Tamsyn, Ormond Beach: "Gotta tell ya this week’s basket has to be the best that I have received so far. Thanks so much for doing this, it has made my life so much easier.” 


Debbie, Pal Coast: "Just a note to let you know how much my family is enjoying our fresh produce! I find it to be even fresher than what I would get at a farmer's market. I especially enjoy my "surprise" selection of both usual(comfort) type produce and some this Southern girl never even heard of! What fun trying new recipes and even creating my own. 


Jennifer S, Jacksonville: "I love our Veggie Bin service and rave about it to friends and neighbors. With three young children, including our oldest who has recently gone vegetarian, we appreciate the convenience of home delivery. Veggie Bin introduces more variety to our diet when I'm not the one shopping for all the "same old" things that are on my standard grocery list, not to mention being limited by the choices I find at our supermarket. I also love the distinction between the local and organic produce when there is a difference. This is not the first produce delivery service we have tried, but it is by far the one we have been most satisfied with."


Lori H, Jacksonville: "I love supporting local businesses and artisans, as well as our local farmers. I feel so fortunate to have someone local who does the 'shopping', the packing AND the delivering for me, saving me time and money. I know that every Thursday I will have a new box of fresh local goodness delivered to my doorstep. Since becoming a customer, I have found myself cooking much healthier meals for my family and learning to broaden my culinary skills."

Gina P, Jacksonville: "The vegetables were wonderful! I made arugula salad with pineapple mint, radishes, cucumber and a honey vinaigrette dressing, squash casserole, baked sweet potatoes, sauteed bok choy with onion, garlic and ginger. It was SO DELICIOUS and my 17 month old loved it all too! Can't wait for my next veggie bin!"

Allison C, Local Bin: "After working with an allergist that determined I should not eat additives and preservatives, I tried to evolve my eating habits to eat more naturally and healthily. The Veggie Bin has helped me stick to those goals! I no longer have to go to the grocery store every other day to get what looks good in the produce section; Amie and the farmers pick out "what looks good" on harvest day and the box gets delivered. I get great value from the veggies, and I find when I have fresh veggies on hand, I eat better, I feel better, and I look better. I love the honey and coffee! There is also a blog where can all share recipes. It's so nice to get to experience fresh, local food at an amazing price"

Brenda Kato, Jacksonville: "Veggie Bin is a God send for people who want to eat real organic, locally grown, fresh produce. This past season I lost 20 pounds just by increasing my intake of fresh fruits and veggies and exercise. The smoothies I made were out of this world delicious. There is really no excuse not to take advantage of this produce delivery service. If you drink smoothies, and learn to cook you will eat everything in your bin. You can also freeze your leftovers or learn how to can!"