Corporate Wellness

Make Locally-Grown Produce Available to Your Employees.
Front Porch Pickings teams up with Jacksonville, Daytona and Orlando businesses to make local produce more readily available to our residents. Our service can enhance your company's corporate wellness programs with minimal time and no out-of-pocket costs. We offer weekly or every other week deliveries based on your companies request.

The Advantage of Partnering with Front Porch Pickings
  • No-cost opportunity to offer employees a healthier lifestyle
  • No-cost way to support local business and agriculture
Front Porch Pickings Handles All Administrative Paperwork 
Employee's sign up directly on Front Porch Pickings website under the company's sign up page.  We take care of the membership sign up, payments, weekly newsletters / reminders, cancellations, and vacation schedules. 

Employer Responsibilities
There are no out-of-pocket expenses for the employer. However, we do require help with coordination. Below will help you prepare:
  • Coordinator: The business must designate a contact person for Front Porch Pickings
  • Marketing: We require an email to be distributed to all employees at least 2 weeks prior to the initial delivery date. Front Porch Pickings has created marketing material which can be used to announce the partnership and direct employees to our sign up page.
  • Provide Space: A room, such as an empty conference room or cubical, that is easily accessible to both your employees to pick up and to Front Porch Pickings for delivery. We prefer to use loading docks or back doors to reduce any interruptions.
  • Box Size: The bin is approximately 12*16*6. The boxes are sturdy and can be stacked about 6 high.
  • Designate Pick Up Times:  The company can define their pick up hours, but we suggest the room be available for several hours throughout the day. This will allow time for employees to drop off empty boxes on their way into work and to pick up their produce after Front Porch Pickings has delivered. 
  • Delivery Day:  Front Porch Pickings delivers on the same day each week.
  • Delivery Day Duties: On delivery day, Front Porch Pickings will deliver the boxes right to the pick up room or location and boxes are labeled with the employee's name. At the end of the day, the coordinator will need to check the room to be sure all boxes have been picked up. If boxes remain, we ask that the coordinator contact the employee to remind the employee of their produce box. We recommend doing so 1 hour prior to closing. Front Porch Pickings cannot be held responsible for bins left or forgotten by employees. In addition, Front Porch Pickings is not responsible to refund the customers for boxes not picked up. However, customers can suspend/cancel deliveries when not in the office and must do so directly with Front Porch Pickings. Customers will not be charged when the delivery has been canceled by Monday at 5pm.
If you would be interested in having Front Porch Pickings deliver to your building or office, please contact us at