Can I make changes to my orders?
Absolutely! Our boxes are completely customizeable. Each Friday, after receiving our newsletter our customers can log into the FPP website to make order changes. Just need to make all changes by our cut-off time on Mondays.

How often do you deliver?
We delivery weekly. However you have a flexibility to receive your deliveries each week, every other week, or once a month.

Is there a minimum order or delivery fee?
We have free delivery on all orders over $26.

When is my payment processed?
Your order payment isn't processed until you've received your delivery! We process payments each Friday. 

Do I need to be home to receive my produce?
There is no need for you to be home at time of delivery. However, if you are not home we recommend you leave a cooler with ice at your doorstep to keep your veggies as fresh as possible. If you have ordered refrigerated items like eggs and cheese, and are not home you must leave a cooler with ice or your refrigerated items will not be left. FPP will put the entire box in the cooler.

What if I am not at the office on delivery day?
Delivery of your box will fall on the same day each week. It is the customer's responsibility to pick up the box at the location and during the set times designated by the employer. Limited arrangements may be made through your employer or pick up location, but is solely at their discretion. Please note that Front Porch Pickings and the pick up location are not responsible for refunds or replacement boxes that are not picked up during the set hours.

What happens when I go on vacation?
If you need to pause your service temporarily, just log into your member account by our cut off time to place your account on vacation hold.  Please understand that once we have confirmed with the farmers, we are unable to make any changes to the order because the produce has already been purchased. If its after the cut off time, we can make arrangements with neighbors or deliver to another family within our designated delivery area.

Do you Re-Use the boxes?
YES! Front Porch Pickings is dedicated to keeping it green! Please leave the previous week's produce box, thermal pouches and icepacks out on your delivery day so we can reuse the boxes the following week. Office deliveries will pick up empty boxes at the same location as delivery.

What happens when there is bad weather?
Please understand that our business is in Mother Nature's hands! Due to inclement weather we may have to postpone or cancel a delivery. If this happens, we will do the best to notify you in a timely manner!

What months of the year do you deliver?
We deliver all year round except for a few weeks in August.

How do I cancel if it turns out Front Porch Pickings is not for me?
If you would like to cancel your account is fill out our cancellation form. We will inactivate your account within 5 days.