Local Matters

Local Food Tastes Better
Grown for taste and not for withstanding days of transportation — local produce bursts with flavor!

Local Food is Better for You
Nutritional value breaks down over time and with a shorter farm to table time frame than grocery stores, the nutritional value is higher. In fact, our produce is generally harvested within 24-48 hours of delivery!

Local Food Preserves Genetic Diversity and Saves Our Soil
Local farms grow a wide variety of produce to provide a long harvest, greater variety and to help conserve our land. Planting an array of different items helps give nutrients back in the soil and keeps pests at a minimum.

Local Food Allows You to Try New Foods
Because local farmers are planting items that grow specific to our environment, your dinner plate will see items that you don’t often see at the grocery store. For example, we’ve recently had Malabar Spinach, Southern Peas, Persimmons, Florida Sand Pears, Fairytale Eggplant, & Roselle Pods. Pretty cool stuff!

Local Food Supports Local Farmers, their Families, and our Community
Last but not least, supporting local food puts money directly in the hands of our local farmers, sustaining our local land and our economy.